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Employer Services 

Having a happy work environment can lead to increased productivity and loyalty.


When employees raise concerns, it is always best to try and resolve these informally, with a view to returning to a happy workplace environment. However, if the matter cannot be resolved informally, then, as always, there is a procedure to follow. Failing to comply with the required procedure could result in the employee resigning and claiming constructive dismissal. In addition, a tribunal can award an uplift on damages, as a penalty for failing to follow the procedure. We can help you avoid that risk. 


Making sure that you deal with grievances properly can also have other benefits, such as discovering that bullying, harassment or other forms of discrimination have been taking place but other employees were too scared to mention before. Having been informed, we can help you take the appropriate action to ensure such behaviour stops and the appropriate sanctions are taken.


Employer Services

Fixed Fee Drafting Package

Contracts of Employment

Staff Handbook

Work and Families Handbook



Settlement Agreements (formerly

called Compromise Agreements)

Disciplinary issues


Redundancies and Restructures

Business Transfers


Post Employment Restrictions

ACAS Early Conciliation Service

Tribunal Proceedings

Training, Seminars & Workshops

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