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Employer Services 

Tribunal Proceedings
We have extensive experience in dealing with disputes from start to finish.

Where matters reach an employment tribunal stage, we can provide hands on assistance, advice on prospects and guide you through complying with the appropriate procedures and directions. 


Where you have received a claim form, you will have just 28 days in which to respond. In most cases, if you do not respond within this timescale, the employment tribunal will make a judgment in favour of your former employee, without giving you the opportunity to state your case. 


Where business’s adopt the view that they would prefer to have a quick and amicable settlement, we can get involved with attempting to resolve claims as quickly and amicably as possible, through our years of experience in dealing with ACAS. 


On the other hand, not all businesses adopt that view, in which case we are renowned for rolling up our sleeves and fighting your corner all the way – “better going into battle with a tank rather than a pea-shooter” one client stated after we successfully settled their case! 


Contracts of Employment

Staff Handbook

Work and Families Handbook



Settlement Agreements (formerly

called Compromise Agreements)

Disciplinary issues


Redundancies and Restructures

Business Transfers


Post Employment Restrictions

ACAS Early Conciliation Service

Tribunal Proceedings

Training, Seminars & Workshops

Employer Services
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