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Fixed Fee Drafting Package
Our years of experience have taught us that businesses want to know the costs upfront, so we offer the following contract, covering letters and the handbooks for a fixed fee of £1,500 plus VAT.


For charities and businesses with less than 5 employees we half this rate to £1,000 plus VAT. 



What you get


A contract of employment, together with covering letters to both new and existing employees, which is tailored to your business needs. As not all employees have the same terms, we draft options for you to consider when issuing each contract.


A GDPR compliant privacy notice for your employees, workers and sub-contractors, together with another one for job applicants. There is a letter to you outlining the new GDPR law and guidance notes on privacy notices.


A specimen Staff Handbook, which supplements the contract of employment. This has been fully updated with a brand new data protection policy and one on monitoring in the workplace. 12 other polices have been amended to ensure GDPR compliance. It contains many useful policies, some of which are a legal requirement and helpful forms. Those which are not applicable to your business can be deleted. If an area if not covered, we can draft a bespoke policy for you. Many businesses tailor the handbook themselves but if you require our assistance it is charged at an additional £275 per hour plus VAT.


Please do contact us for a copy of our handbook checklist which details the policies available, together with our comments as to why you might want to include them. If an area is not covered, we can draft a bespoke policy for you. 


A Work and Families Handbook, which outlines the statutory provisions and entitlements in relation to maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave, shared parental leave, flexible working and time off for dependents. It also contains helpful forms in the appendices for employees to complete. It is not given to all but a copy is kept in the office for use when need be. Clients find it a helpful reference guide which avoids them having to pay for legal advice to find out what family rights are.

Fixed Fee Drafting Package

Contracts of Employment

Staff Handbook

Work and Families Handbook



Settlement Agreements (formerly

called Compromise Agreements)

Disciplinary issues


Redundancies and Restructures

Business Transfers


Post Employment Restrictions

ACAS Early Conciliation Service

Tribunal Proceedings

Training, Seminars & Workshops

Employer Services

Employer Services 

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