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Contracts of Employment
In the absence of a written document, employers leave themselves vulnerable to misunderstandings and disputes as to what has been agreed.


In addition, there is a legal obligation on all employers to provide employees with minimum information, in a written statement of particulars, within two months of commencing employment. Failure to do so exposes you to the risk of up to four weeks wages in damages. 


We recognise that each business is unique and has different needs. We can therefore work with you to produce a standard template or a variety of tailored contracts, for all levels and types of employees. 


Protecting your business interests, both during and after employment, is a common concern for employers. To ensure that employees are aware of what they can and cannot do upon leaving your employment, it is necessary to have post-employment restriction clauses in place. However, these will only be enforceable if they go no further than are reasonably necessary to protect your legitimate business interests. We specialise in drafting such clauses and can work with you to produce a result that provides you with the best protection.


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