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Post Employment Restrictions
Where ex-employees breach post-employment restrictions, we can help and advise on the various remedies available, including obtaining a High Court Injunction.

The disruption and financial loss suffered through an ex-employee going to work for a competitor, or setting up on their own, and taking clients with them can be significant.


The starting point is always to get our help in drafting bespoke contractual restrictions, to protect your genuine business interests.  Such clauses need to be tailored carefully to go no further than is reasonably necessary otherwise the court will find them unenforceable.  Ideally these clauses are contained in a contract issued and signed by the employee before they commence employment. However, you can get restrictions agreed and changed during employment, especially if the employee’s role changes.


If you discover that an ex-employee intends or has actually breached the restrictions, we can advise you on the options available including seeking an undertaking from the individual that they will cease the restricted activities.  Failing that, we can advise and assist on obtaining a High Court injunction or recovering financial losses suffered.


We also have experience in advising on team moves, where more than one individual is involved.


We have an excellent working arrangement with Littleton Chambers, renowned as one of the leading employment chambers in the City.  Through our regular business dealings, competitive rates can be negotiated, for the services of their specialist barristers.


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