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Redundancies and Restructures
With the country continuing to face challenging times redundancies and restructuring are still an unfortunate situation that many businesses find themselves having to deal with.


Employees faced with uncertainty about their future employment react in different ways, which can present businesses with difficulties to handle. The key to any redundancy procedure is to ascertain, from the outset, what is required and why. By talking this through together at an early stage, we can help you put together the right business case for your future needs, outline any pitfalls and discuss all possible solutions. 


We can then guide you through a carefully handled redundancy exercise, which depending on the numbers affected, may involve collective consultations. The aim is to ensure that employees are taken through a fair and open two-way consultation: that they understand why you have had to embark upon the exercise; why they have been provisionally selected; how you have created and applied a fair selection criteria; whether there are any alternatives and guide them through a process aimed at achieving your aims but with a view to employee’s understanding why and avoiding the matter turning into a tribunal claim. 


As an alternative to redundancies, businesses might consider temporary lay-offs, putting employees on short-term working or making temporary or permanent changes to their terms and conditions. We can provide support and assistance when discussing what options are best for you and how to implement any changes.


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Redundancies and Restructures

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Employer Services
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