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Live-in domestic workers to be entitled to the national minimum wage

Currently, workers who live in their employer's family home, are treated as a member of the family and are not charged for food or accommodation do not qualify for the NMW. For this exemption to apply, the worker must be treated as part of the family in respect of the provision of living accommodation and meals and the sharing of tasks and leisure activities.

However, Paul Scully MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, previously confirmed that the government had accepted the increases to the rates recommended by the Low Pay Commission (LPC). The LPC had concluded that the exemption for live-in domestic workers was not fit for purpose and should be removed.

Legislation to remove the exemption will be introduced "when parliamentary time allows”.


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21 may

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20 may

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16 may

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Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
15 may

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14 may

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