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CJRS statistics covering claims to 30 June 2020

HMRC has released the latest statistics in relation to the CJRS. Some key points include:

  • 9.4 million people had been placed on furlough, an increase of 678,000 compared with claims made until the end of May

  • 1.14 million employers had made at least one CJRS claim - this is an increase of 75,000 over claims made to the end of May

  • the total claimed was £26.5 billion at the end of June, representing an additional £9.0 billion in support claimed since the end of May

  • 57% of employments at employers with 5 to 9 employees had been furloughed against just 19% at employers with 250 or more employees

  • the accommodation and food services sector has had the highest proportion of employers furloughing at least some staff (87%) and the highest proportion of total employments furloughed at 73%

  • by age, employees aged 17 were most likely to be furloughed

  • 61% of employments with a female employee aged 17 were furloughed, the equivalent figure for males was 58%

  • across the age bands and by gender, employments with male employees aged 41 to 49 were least likely to be furloughed (28%), while for females, employments where the employees were aged 41 to 57 were the least likely to be furloughed (23%)



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