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Key information to be provided to agency work-seekers

From the 6 April 2020, all employment businesses are to provide agency work-seekers with a key facts statement, before agreeing the terms by which the work-seeker will undertake work.

The document must include information about:

  • Whether the work-seeker will be engaged under a contract of service, an apprenticeship or a contract for services.

  • The identity of the employment business.

  • The minimum expected rate of pay.

  • How they will be paid and by whom (for example, by an intermediary or umbrella company).

  • Any non-monetary benefits to which the work-seeker will be entitled.

  • The nature and amount of any deductions, costs or fees that will be taken, specifying which of these are required by law.

  • Details of any entitlement to annual leave and to payment in respect of such leave.

  • An illustrative example of what this might mean for their take-home pay.

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