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New points-based immigration system announced

The government has published a policy statement setting out the initial details of its plans for a new UK points-based immigration system from 1 January 2021, once free movement with the EU has come to an end.

Under the proposals:

  • EU and non-EU citizens will be treated equally.

  • The government will not introduce a general low-skilled or temporary work route.

  • Migrants to the UK will have to score 70 points under the new system to qualify for a visa.

  • The skills threshold for roles that can be filled by migrant workers will be reduced to include "medium skilled occupations".

  • EU citizens will benefit from a more streamlined application process than non-EU citizens.

  • The cap on the number of people able to enter the UK under the skilled worker route will be suspended.

  • Most applicants are expected to earn a salary of at least £25,600 (or the "going rate" for the type of job, if higher).

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