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£700,000 awarded to gay headteacher dismissed following investigations into his sex life

A tribunal has awarded a gay headteacher over £696,000 compensation after he brought a claim for unfair dismissal and sexual-orientation discrimination.

The primary school teacher was dismissed by a disciplinary panel after it was found that he had had sexual activities with two 17-year-old boys, he met through a gay dating app, at his home. He was accused of bringing the school into disrepute, conduct incompatible with the role of a headteacher, undermining the trust and confidence in him.

The school’s disciplinary panel was assisted by local education officers. The tribunal criticised the governors for “acquiescing” to the wish of the local authority to dismiss him. It found they had no understanding of the reasons for dismissal and as the decision makers, did not feel competent to address matters.

The significant damages reflected his difficulty in obtaining new employment close to his home due to being deliberately undermined.

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