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£100,000 a costly award for "seriously flawed" disciplinary investigation

Camden Borough Council has been ordered to reinstate a council manager to his job and pay £100,618 in lost wages after his claim of unfair dismissal was upheld.

The individual worked as street lighting and drainage manager. He was involved in a complex tender process but had asked to be removed from this after his son was involved in a serious accident which left him hospitalised and requiring a leg amputation. His request was refused.

He was accused of failing to report potential irregularities in the tender process, and neglecting to inform his employer about interactions with one of the bidding companies, which resulted in the council paying out a large amount of compensation.

The tribunal ruled the investigation leading to his dismissal was “seriously flawed”, and branded some of the evidence collected for the disciplinary hearing “meaningless”.

Thornhill v. Camden Borough Council

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