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Labour's Manifesto Pledges on Employment Law

In advance of the general election on the 12 December, the Labour party has published its manifesto pledges on employment law and industrial relations.

Full details are found from page 59 onwards: manifesto

Key pledges include:

  • living wage of £10 per hour for all workers aged 16 or over

  • compel large companies to give employees 10% ownership of the company (to include payments of dividends)

  • bring in additional rights for the self-employed, including free childcare, collective income protection insurance schemes and better access to mortgages and pensions

  • set up a Ministry for Employment Rights, which will roll out (it seems) compulsory collective bargaining on minimum standards for pay and working hours by sector, that every employer will have to follow

  • give everyone full employment rights from day one on the job ('full employment rights' is not explained further)

strengthen protection for whistleblowers and strengthen unfair dismissal rights (no detail given)

  • clarify worker status (no detail given)

  • ban zero hour contracts (no detail given, other than requiring cancelled shifts to be paid)

  • require breaks during shifts to be paid

  • extending statutory maternity pay from 9 months to 12 months

  • introduce four new bank holidays

  • re-introduce employer's liability for harassment by third parties

  • ban unpaid internships

  • strengthen trade union rights, bu allowing unions to use electronic balloting, strengthening unions' right of access to workplaces, and repealing the Trade Union Act 2016

  • reduce average working hours to 32 hours per week within ten years

  • keep employment tribunals free (no mention of more funding for the Tribunals Service or Acas though)

  • introduce new Labour Courts (no detail given).

  • make state (not individuals) responsible for enforcing equal pay

  • require workplaces with >50 employees to obtain government certification on gender equality or face fines

  • require all large employers to have flexible working and menopause policies

  • introduce 10 days of paid leave for survivors of domestic abuse

  • extend pay-gap reporting to BAME groups

Full details are found from page 59 onwards: manifesto

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