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The UKs most embarrassing email disasters revealed, some are hilarious!

In a recent survey, the most common email disaster at work involved sending to the wrong person. Some examples included:

  • “My boss sent me a saucy email that was meant for his wife!”

  • “I sent an email to the completely wrong person regarding a joke that was inappropriate for work.”

  • “I sent my CV for a new job to my current boss.”

  • “There was a private email between two office workers that were secretly seeing each other and was a bit too personal, it was mistakenly sent to everyone.”

  • “I sent an email complaining about a colleague’s smell to the man I was complaining about.”

You can read more here, including those gossip emails sent to the person being discussed.

Employers should make sure they have an up-to-date email policy, which is effectively communicated to their employees. That would help if they had to address such issues. Such a policy is included in our fixed fee drafting package, details of which are on our Employers page, or you can contact us.

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