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Tribunal claims soar by 90%

Since the employment tribunal fees were abolished in July 2017, recent statistics published by the Ministry of Justice, show that employment tribunal claims issued between October and December 2017 increased by 90%, compared to the same quarter in 2016.

This is supported by the latest figures issued by ACAS, which reveal that since the 28 August 2017, the number of net ET1 receipts increased by 57%.

Of those that proceeded to tribunal, 21% subsequently settled, 5% were withdrawn by the Claimant, 7% have been determined by a tribunal and 67% remain outstanding.

Not surprisingly, tribunals are struggling to deal with the increases, while also trying to process the massive number of fees to be reimbursed. Our local South East London tribunal is many weeks behind processing the most basic of tasks, such as issuing directions in the run up to hearings.

Our firm has seen a significant rise in tribunal claims enquiries, so if you need assistance, please contact us.

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