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More men working part-time

The number of men working in part-time and low-paid roles has risen sharply over the last two decades, new research by the Resolution Foundation has revealed.

According to the study, Counting the hours: two decades of changes in earnings and hours worked, the number of men working in part-time roles has increased by 3.6% in the last 20 years, with the number of those earning less than £175 a week (a third of the typical male weekly wage) also increasing by 70% over the same period. In addition, the report showed that the average number of hours worked by men in low-paid roles had fallen from 44.3 hours in 1997 to 42.2 hours in 2016. However, the report showed a contrasting picture for men working in highly-paid roles, revealing that the number of men earning more than £1,060 a week had increased by 15% in the last two decades (with their average hours also increasing by 0.5%).

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