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Jobs with highest risk of suicide revealed

Analysis of suicide prevention statistics from 2011 to 2015 by the Office of National Statistics commissioned by Public Health England (PHE), have revealed suicides are less common among women than men.

Women at high risk include those working in culture, media and sport (69% above the national average), primary school teachers (42% above average) and nurses (23% above average). Men in the construction industry faced a risk three times above the national average, while in the care sector, the risk of suicide for men and women was almost twice the national average.

PHE, The Samaritans and Business in the Community have created a Suicide Prevention toolkit for employers in light of the findings. PHE chief executive Duncan Selbie said "Important actions employers can take include introducing specialised suicide awareness prevention training for managers, mental health first aid training, and using internal communications as a function to foster a culture of openness about mental health".

Office for National Statistics: Suicide by occupation, England: 2011 to 2015 (17 March 2017) and Business in the Community: Suicide Prevention Toolkit (17 March 2017).

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