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70% of employers feel that job applicants should declare up front if they are pregnant

The final reports of the BIS/EHRC research into pregnancy and maternity issues at work have been published, and BIS has responded to the EHRC's recommendations for action. The research covers the experiences and opinions of over 3,000 mothers and employers.

It reveals that, although 84% of employers feel it is in their best interests to support pregnant women and new mothers at work, 70% of employers also feel job applicants should declare up front if they are pregnant.

77% of women reported negative experiences at work related to their pregnancy or maternity, with 20% reporting financial loss (such as loss of pay, bonus or promotion), and 11% feeling forced out of their jobs.

Although the government has accepted some of the EHRC's recommendations as to how to address the problems identified in the research, it has ruled out further legislation to prevent employers asking about pregnancy at interview, and will not take any action to change tribunal fees until it has completed its own post-implementation review. Neither will it introduce a six-month time limit for tribunal claims involving pregnancy or maternity rights.

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