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Shop Workers rights to opt out of working Sundays to be strengthened

On 9 February 2016, BIS published the government's response to the consultation on devolving Sunday trading rules to local areas.

The government proposes to devolve the power to extend Sunday trading hours in England to all unitary and shire district councils and in Wales to all county and county borough councils. In London and Manchester, the power will be devolved to mayors.

The government will also strengthen the rights of shop workers to opt-out of working Sundays, by requiring workers to give one month's notice to large shops that they no longer want to work Sundays, rather than the current 3 months. There will also be a guaranteed minimum award where a related claim is brought and an employment tribunal finds that the employer failed to notify the shop worker of their opt-out rights.

The government intends to implement its proposals as amendments to the Enterprise Bill 2015-2016.

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