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Massive six figure costs award for claimant who made covert recordings

In one of the largest awards made by an employment tribunal, a claimant who made covert recordings and sought to wrongly implicate colleagues with WhatsApp messages in order to support his claim, is ordered to pay £432,000 in costs. The Claimant was a senior vice president of a hotel group. When put a risk of redundancy, he responded by making numerous allegations of discrimination, victimisation, harassment, whistleblowing detriment and unlawful deductions from wages. What came out in the disclosure exercise was that he had covertly recorded hundreds of hours of meetings and private conversations with colleagues. As a result of all these recordings, some of which the tribunal described as “deceitful” and “duplicitous”, more than 3,000 pages of documents were brought before the tribunal during a hearing lasting seven days. The claimant persisted despite having been required to pay a deposit for some of the claims and having been given an opportunity to withdraw.



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