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£117,000 a costly price for failing to go through company procedures

A school technician has been awarded £117,013 after he was unfairly dismissed and discriminated against because of his disability. He suffered from psoriatic arthritis, depression and anxiety. He had periods of absence and lateness and his condition worsened after his medication was changed, causing nausea, dizziness and sedation.

The size of the damages awarded reflects the total failure of the school to go through their own procedures, including:

  1. Failing to implement changes recommended by occupation health.

  2. Failure to consider making changes to alternative roles available.

  3. No investigatory meetings.

  4. No prior warnings.

  5. Going ahead with the dismissal hearing despite knowing the employee could not attend due to being signed off sick with stress and anxiety.

  6. The appeal process was little more than an attempt to try and show a procedure had been followed.



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