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Updated guidance: Check which employees you can put on furlough

HMRC has released updated guidance on which employees you can put on furlough leave.

From 1 July, only employees that you have successfully claimed a previous Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme grant for will be eligible for further grants under the scheme. This means they must have previously been furloughed for at least 3 consecutive weeks taking place any time between 1 March 2020 and 30 June.

The last day an employee could have started furlough for the first time was 10 June.

Employers will have until 31 July to make any claims for claim periods up to 30 June.

The number of employees you can claim for in any claim period starting from 1 July 2020 cannot exceed the maximum number of employees you claimed for under any claim ending by 30 June 2020.



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