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Furlough update: Employers can now ask HMRC not to publish claim information

On the 26 January 2021, the government will publish information about employers who make a claim on or after the 1 December 2020.

The government has now updated its guidance to insert a provision that employers can request that their information is not published if there is a serious risk of violence or intimidation from publishing their name, company registration number and amount of claim. They will need to tell HMRC and provide evidence of why they think this.

“This evidence could include:

  • details of why you think publication would lead to the threat of violence or intimidation.

  • a police incident number if you’ve been threatened or attacked.

  • documentary evidence of a threat or attack, such as photos.

  • evidence of possible disruption or targeting.

  • any other material supporting your application to be removed from the register.

How to ask HMRC not to publish your claim details:

If you are an employer and you think there is a serious risk of violence or intimidation, you can request we do not publish your claim details.

You must make this request yourself. Your agent cannot make the request for you.

We will not publish any of your details until a decision has been made and you have been informed.”



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