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Furlough statistics to 30 June 2020

HMRC has published the latest statistics to 30 June 2020, the last day before flexible furlough was introduced. Some key points in terms of scheme size, sector, geography and demographics are:

  • an additional 228,000 employments have been claimed for under CJRS.

  • in total, 9.6 million employments have been furloughed through CJRS (32% of eligible employments) for at least part of the period between March to June. These claims have been made by 1.16 million employers, with 61% of eligible employers claiming.

  • 73% of employers with more than 250 employments have made at least one claim, but have furloughed 21% of their employments.

  • the accommodation and food services sector has had the highest furlough rate of 77%.

  • the wholesale and retail sector furloughed the highest number of employments, at over 1.9 million.

  • there has been broad consistency in furlough rates across the nations of the UK. The West Midlands region of England has the highest take-up rate of 34% against the UK average of 32%.

  • men have been furloughed at a higher rate than women: 34% and 29% respectively.

  • the number of employments furloughed peaked at 8.9 million on 8 May, then reduced to 6.8 million by 30 June. This peak is lower than the 9.6 million mentioned above since furloughed staff have been furloughed for different periods (and not all at the same time).



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