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Furlough: Asking HMRC not to publish employer's claim information

From the 1 December 2020, HMRC will publish details of those employers who have made claims under the furlough scheme, together with details of those claims.

However, HMRC will not publish details of employers claiming through the scheme if you can show that publicising these would result in a serious risk of violence or intimidation to certain individuals, or any individual living with them. A list of such individuals is provided in the guidance.

“If you are an employer and think that a serious risk of violence or intimidation will come from publicising your name, company registration number and amount of claim, you will need to tell us and provide us with evidence of why you think this.

This evidence could include:

  • a police incident number if you’ve been threatened or attacked

  • documentary evidence of a threat or attack, such as photos or recordings

  • evidence of possible disruption or targeting

Further details on how to request that HMRC do not publish your details will be available soon, providing employers enough time to do this before the first publication date”.



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