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Free webinar: Top ten redundancy pitfalls and how to avoid them

We are excited to announce our third and final webinar in our series on helping businesses through the pandemic, in conjunction with Jackie Adams. HR consultant.

The session will discuss the top ten redundancy pitfalls and how the avoid them. Topics will include:

  • 1. The redundancy isn’t genuine

  • 2. Not having a plan

  • 3. Failing to consider alternatives

  • 4. Not training and supporting managers

  • 5. Rushing the process

  • 6. Failing to consult

  • 7. Using unfair selection criteria

  • 8. Being unclear about payments

  • 9. Ending the relationship badly

  • 10.Failing to account for the wider effects

As usual, there will be time for questions at the end.

Date: Thursday the 18 March 2021, 1.30 till 2.15.



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