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Amendments announced to the Job Support Scheme

Following the original announcement made on the 24 September about the JSS, which is to replace the Furlough Scheme from the 1 November, the Government has today outlined amendments to the Scheme.

While further guidance will be issued by the end of October, what has been said today includes:

  1. The minimum number of normal hours to be worked is reduced from 33% to 20%, meaning those working only one day a week will be eligible.

  2. Employee’s will be paid 66.67% of their normal pay for hours not worked

  3. The employer’s contribution to the “unworked” hours has been significantly reduced from 33% to just 5%, up to a maximum of £125 per month.

  4. The government will pay the remaining 61.67% for the hours not worked, up to a maximum of £1,541.75 per month.

  5. The aim is employee will receive 73% of their normal wages, where they earn £3,125 or less per month.

What remains to be clarified is which employers will be eligible and what the government’s Policy Paper means by:

“Many employers can operate safely but continue to face reduced demand so they may need extra support over the winter to help keep their employees attached to their workforce. For these employers, the Job Support Scheme, through JSS Open, will give employers the option of keeping their employees in a job on shorter hours rather than making them redundant”.



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